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Perception: Artist Statement

Constructing your identity is a personal adventure in identifying your inner strengths, gaining confidence, and embracing your flaws. Being aware of our immediate environment is the gateway to discovering who we are. When we lose control of our identities, we allow our surroundings, environment, and society to dictate who we become.

Perception portrays the struggles young women face while constructing their identities. Creating one's identity is a personal journey, and it moves from moment to moment. As a mother and photographer, using my daughter as the model in these images was both a natural and a challenging choice. With my struggles of constructing my identity as a young lady and a professional in a male-dominated workforce, it felt natural to explore and involve my daughter in this creative process. These images symbolically depict the struggles one goes through to find oneself.

I am constructing a universal and metaphoric message through this body of work. The theory of identity construction presumes that distinctiveness is an ever-changing process. Undertaking the development of identity is a personal project, as well as disciplining and governing oneself. When we don't define ourselves, others often push us into a category. We might then fall into the pitfall of becoming stereotypes or roles that do not reflect our real uniqueness. I hope to allow the images to suggest a symbolic metaphor of the experience and permit viewers to identify with their own experiences.

"When you discover who you are, then you will be free," Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man.